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Technology to provide high quality, organic-grade crops anywhere in the world,
any time of the year at the lowest possible cost to consumers and the environment

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Founded in 2017 as an R&D-driven LED grow lights company, Kroptek expanded its activities to commercial projects with fully integrated engineering and production facilities by 2020.

Today, Kroptek offers Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions and develops Sustainable Farming projects thanks to its UK-based team with an international reach.

Our Mission

How we do it

Lighting is a critical component for growing healthy and delicious crops consistently.

By designing and building high quality lights at competitive prices we are making a direct impact on the way crops are grown.

In 2 years, Kroptek served more than 100 clients in 14 countries ranging from high tech vertical farms to traditional glasshouses and medicinal facilities.

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Kroptek’s CEA solutions are primarily research-driven. We have collaborated with large commercial partners, research centres and universities.

Kroptek was one of the first UK companies to convert shipping containers into farms growing delicious and aromatic crops.

Kroptek won an Innovate UK grant for its CEA research in collaboration with partners.

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Kroptek is developing its capabilities to offer Farming as a Service to its clients.

Kroptek pilot operations in France and Canada are developing into a turnkey solution offering high-quality crops grown sustainably.

La Boite A Champignons
is a producer of award-winning mushrooms currently being served by top chefs and supplying supermarkets in France.

Mushrooms are grown sustainably by using discarded ground coffee as a substrate and with zero chemicals applied to them. The residues are then used again as natural fertilisers so nothing goes to waste.

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Sunden Farms
is a family-owned farm in New Brunswick Canada, a region that imports 95% of its greens from 5 thousand miles away!

Our project will provide the local population with delicious greens grown locally with 90% less water.

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