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LED Grow lights and Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) Solutions

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LED Grow lights and Controlled-
Environment Agriculture (CEA) Solutions

The increase in Agtech investments, combined with data collection and aggregation systems, are boosting the development of new technologies in indoor and urban farming. Kroptek’s objective is to enable cost-efficient farming anywhere in the world, any time of the year with the help of our LED Grow Lights and Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) Solutions. Have a positive impact on the environment, reduce carbon footprints and fresh water consumption

LED Grow Lights

Tailored-spectrum LED Grow Lights for any crop and environment, including a 5 years warranty and IP rating.

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Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA)

We have experience in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) solutions, including controllable LED lighting, automated climate control, fixed or mobile racking systems and fertigation solutions.

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Controlled-Environment Agriculture solutions?

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