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HiKrop Series

Led grow light designed for a wide range of indoor growing applications, both as a top light or in tiered configurations.

  • HiKrop is a versatile and modular LED Grow Light solution.
  • The higher wattage multiple unit configuration suit the needs of commercial horticulture or crop science research professionals, whereas home growers can opt for single or double unit versions.
  • HiKrops have an internal driver making them suitable for a wider range of applications.
  • Power: 60W-360W
Download the HiKrop datasheet

Tube Series

The affordable, easy to install and energy efficient LED Grow Light solution, a firm favourite of professional growers for vertical farming applications.

  • Kroptek LED tube light incorporates the full spectra into every chip to ensure optimal uniformity, unlike other tubes with a spectrum composed of various coloured LED chips.
  • This is particularly important in tiered configurations where the light systems are in close proximity to the plants such as microgreens and leafy greens.
  • LED Tubes can also be retrofitted to replace standard fluorescent lights or fitted in series to reduce cabling in tight spaces.
  • LED Tubes have been used to grow a wide variety of crops, including microgreens, leafy greens, strawberries, blueberries, vine crop grafts and baby palm trees.
  • Power: 10W-30W
Download the LED Tube datasheet

Sunstream Series

The high-power, linear module LED Grow Light for supplemental or top lighting.

  • Designed to minimise shading while delivering outstanding results on the cloudiest days.
  • Available in different spectra to suit a variety of crops and applications.
  • Sunstream allows either singular linear configurations or multi-unit chandelier mounting with rotating arms for precise light direction.
  • The Sunstream was picked by professional growers over HPS lights in greenhouses.
  • Power: 250W-1000W
Download the Sunstream datasheet

Sunblast Series

Our most powerful LED grow light and robust solution, fully customisable for high intensity and uniform PPFD.

  • The top choice for fully indoor grow rooms and high-intensity crops.
  • Available in different spectra to suit a variety of crops with an optional dimmable function to further adapt to plant growth stages.
  • The Sunblast series has proven to be an exceptional yield booster for cannabis in particular.
  • Power: 300W-1000W
Download the Sunblast datasheet

Customised Solution

Having our own LED factory gives us the ability to build and customise any lighting solution to achieve your optimal results.

  • Our product development team can customise a solution that is designed for your project.
  • Kroptek has already pushed the boundaries of what is possible with several customisation orders.
  • Kroptek can offer lights beyond the available product range.
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