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La Boite A Champignons

High quality award winning mushrooms in Paris

La Boite A Champignons is a fully operating mushroom farm in Paris with sustainability as its primary focus.

The team collects discarded ground coffee, transforms them into a substrate that is used to grow outstanding mushrooms without the use of any chemicals.

After serving its purpose the substrate is then used as a natural fertiliser, closing the loop on a fully circular operation.

Our mushrooms are served in top restaurants and sold to local supermarkets in France.

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Sunden Farms

Growing high quality crops the most sustainable way in Canada

Kroptek teamed up with a local team of growers and automation innovators to develop a commercial operation that proves that you can grow delicious greens sustainability and commercially.

The crops absorb more carbon than the operation emits and consume only 3% of the water used in traditional agriculture.

No pesticides or herbicides are used in the operation and only compostable grow mediums are used.

The project uses Kroptek lights and supports our product development team to continue innovating in this space.

Learn more about Sunden Farms


Food waste recycling

It is estimated that 20% of all food produced globally goes into the bin on average. With agriculture consuming the lionshare of many resources including 70% of fresh water, this loose end of the global food supply chain is a massive drain on our earth’s resources.

Kroptek has teamed up with partners in food recycling to create Kropcycle.

This project is still in early development, more information will be shared soon.

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Farming as a Service

Our take on FaaS

The existing food supply chain is failing our environment and consumers.

Kroptek’s aim is to integrate the technology and know-how it has developed into a full Farming as a Service offering.

This project is still in early development, more information will be shared soon.

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