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We are Grower-centric

Our approach is to start with you, the grower. All our products and services have one purpose: to deliver performance and real value. Our team of lighting engineers, horticulturalists and product developers are available to you. Our services can range from light planning and horticultural advisory to turnkey solutions.

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At Kroptek, we offer agricultural advisory services. We can help you define the best solution and light configuration from spectrum to fixture placement, whatever your grow space geometry, crop needs and budget.

Light Planning

We offer a detailed light plan and a customised strategy for your LED grow lights using the industry gold standard simulator that will ensure maximum plant response and quality with high light uniformity.


No two growing environments are the same and therefore we encourage growers to trial our solutions before committing.

Customised Solutions

Our product development team can provide customised solutions in a short space of time, always according to your crop type and environment.

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