We partner with leading universities and research centres such as Aberystwyth University, Reading University, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and Rothamsted Research. Our LED grow lights offer a broad spectrum that resembles sunlight to grow a diverse range of crops for your research projects.

Achieve consistent flower quality and chemotype with our uniform fixtures. Benfit from full-spectrum ligh recipes to produce a high concentration of THC and CBD among other secondary metabolites.

Indoor farming is a worlwide traction since it saves up to 90% of water compared to field growing while being pestcide free. Our experts will partner with you to define a light planning tailored to your growing environment and offer the most suitable LED grow lights solution.

Our LED grow lights are ideal as supplemental lightining for your greenhouse or as the sole lighting source for short and cloudy days. Maximise yield and quality all year round.

Improve your plant morphology, with special focus on taste, colour and quality, and optimise your growing space with our low maintenance and high efficiency LED grow lights solution for Vertical Farming.

Research & Partners