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  • Designed not to block natural sunlight, our LED grow lights are ideal for supplemental lighting to reach the perfect DLI for the crops in your greenhouse.
  • Our LED grow lights also act as the sole lighting source in short and cloudy days. You can adjust the light intensity for your crop needs and growing environment to maximise yield and quality all-year round.
  • Our LED grow light solutions can be customised to your needs, whether you require different power or fixings.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage over other growers by accomplishing shorter harvesting periods and predictable, higher yields while saving energy.

  • Vine crops

  • Soft fruit

  • leafy greens

  • Medical crop

  • aromatic herbs

  • Vegetables

  • Cereals

  • Tissue culture

Best spectrum in the market for green houses applications

Standard and fully customizable spectrums depending on the type of crop and the purpose.
We can create your desired spectrum.


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