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Month: July 2022

LED Grow Lights and The Problem with PPE

Despite what some sales material may suggest, PPE is not the only specification a client should look for in a light fixture. There are several other aspects that play a critical role in the success of a horticulture lighting project, one of which is how the spectrum plays a significant part in determining flavour profiles as is now widely documented.

HPS vs. LED: The Costs of Horticultural Lighting

In our last blog post we detailed why, despite their proven advantages, some growers are still hesitant to transition to LEDs from HPS lights. If you weren’t convinced of the advantages of LEDs then, in this article, we talk numbers, detailing the difference between HPS vs. LED on your wallet.

HPS to LED: Is Time Really Up for Traditional Horticultural Lighting? 

Over the past decade, LED grow lights have become increasingly commercially viable. As a result, it is often suggested that what was traditionally used to light greenhouses and indoor farms, typically High-Pressure Sodium lights (HPS), are on their way out if not already a thing of the past. But to what extent is this really true?