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Agrivabe: growing cannabis thanks to highly customised LED grow lights

Agrivabe, the largest fruit producer in Portugal, chose Kroptek to kickstart their first medicinal cannabis project. Kroptek both consulted on light planning possibilities and delivered customised LED grow lights for this project. 

Agrivabe was founded in May 2008, on the initiative of two young agronomists, Pedro Vaquinhas and Célia Bento. Their vision is to implement innovative agricultural projects in Eastern Algarve, taking advantage of the region’s exceptional climatic conditions.  

Kroptek’s ability to deliver a highly customised light responding to Agrivabe’s specific needs was really a big deciding factor for us. After trialling different light models, we decided to equip the glasshouses in Kroptek lights.” – Ran Erez, Project Consultant for Agrivabe 


Starting up in the Cannabis business 

CBD vs THC is a hot topic in terms of health benefits. Indeed, both are the two most prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. On one hand, CBD is not psychoactive, allowing users to get many promising health benefits without the usual high sensation. On the other hand, THC, known mostly for its psychoactive response, is becoming more popular for medicinal purposes. THC can offset many painful illness symptoms like chronic pain or nausea. 

Cannabis is a growing business that requires a high level of expertise. Growers often have to experiment with different growing environments and factors, such as light spectrum and light intensity, before finding the best solution for their plants. Following many months of testing, Agrivabe achieved the best results with Kroptek lights compared to competitors. This was in fact the deciding factor for equipping their glasshouse.  


Customised LED grow lights for the perfect growing environment 

A bespoke version of the Sunstream lights were installed in two glasshouses 

Agrivabe required 40% more intensity than the standard version of the fixture while giving little allowance for extra weight. This consequently prompted the product development team at Kroptek to design a customised version of the Sunstream using an innovative casing solution whilst controlling the heat dissipation to acceptable levels. 

Thanks to their R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Kroptek was able to deliver a product that was a first in the market at a very competitive price.  

The ongoing support we’ve received from the team at Kroptek went above and beyond. They were able to find innovative solutions to fix any growing issues.” – Ran Erez, Project Consultant 


Kroptek is engaged in multiple R&D projects, thus always looking to develop lights responding to growers’ needs and requirements. Find out more about our services.