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Customised LED Grow Lights make a difference

LED grow lights are better than traditional HPS lights. This is a truth we’ve previously established for many reasons: from energy savings to better quality crops (read the full article).  

But are the standard LED grow lights available on the market the right ones for your project? Choosing your LED grow light should above all be done based on many different criteria to find the very best solution for your crops and growing environments. Therefore, this might lead you to look for a specific product, answering to your crop, environment, or light intensity needs. 

Thanks to our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, our product development team can build any customised LED grow lights to achieve optimal results. For example, Kroptek has already pushed the boundaries of what is possible with several customisation orders, which you can read more about below. 


Agrivabe: customised LED grow lights for the perfect growing environment  

Agrivabe required 40% more intensity than the standard version of the fixture while giving little allowance for extra weight. This then prompted the product development team at Kroptek to design a customised version of the Sunstream; using an innovative casing solution whilst controlling the heat dissipation to acceptable levels. Read the full story. 

Kroptek’s ability to deliver a highly customised light responding to Agrivabe’s specific needs was really a big deciding factor for us. After trialling different light models, we decided to equip the glasshouses with Kroptek lights.” – Ran Erez, Project Consultant for Agrivabe  


Surexport: a joint research project to fast-forward the strawberry season 

This project is a mutually beneficial research agreement between the British and Spanish companies; with Kroptek providing its expertise on horticultural lighting; to sustainably grow strawberries within Surexport’s brand-new state-of-the-art 1Ha greenhouse in Huelva, in the south of Spain. Kroptek indeed delivered highly customised lighting solutions in a cost-effective manner. Read the full story. 

We’re eager to meet the needs of our customers and at the same time go ahead of the environmental standards. Kroptek gives us technical and material support to help us meet our goals and we’re excited to be partnering with them.” – Iván Pérez, Production Manager at Surexport 


Kroptek is engaged in multiple R&D projects, always looking to develop lights responding to growers’ needs and requirements. Find out more about our services and customisation capacities.