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Delfland Nurseries: from HPS to LED lights to get the most out of your Controlled-Environment

Delfland Nurseries is a family story that started almost 50 years ago. Run by husband-and-wife team John Overvoorde and Jill Vaughan, their customers range from small quantity buyers to some of the biggest producers in the UK. 

In their 3ha of glasshouses, Delfland Nurseries grow medicinal oils plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. The choice to equip their glasshouses with LED grow light was made for their tomato and cucumber plants to counter the lack of natural lighting for the winter months. 


From HPS to LED lights

After trialing HPS lights, Delfland Nurseries turned to LED lights to improve their growth rate. 

Kroptek lights did what they were supposed to do and replaced the HPS lights” – John Overvoorde, Delfland Nurseries 


HPS to LED lights transition

Plant manipulation in controlled environments 

One clear advantage of LED lights is their flexibility and light spectrum range, which allows growers to manipulate their lighting settings to get the best results possible. 

Once you figure out how the plant behaves under one light, you can manipulate growing conditions to grow the best plant you can.” – John Overvoorde, Delfland Nurseries 

At Kroptek, we are light planning experts and provide free advice to ensure you are choosing the right solution for what you are trying to achieve. Contact us to find out more.