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D.P.D. Ltd: A future-proof solution for grow rooms

D.P.D. Ltd (Date Palm Developments) is the market leader for the production of Date Palm plants by tissue culture in grow rooms. Pioneers in the field, D.P.D. has over 40 years’ experience in the production of high quality, disease-free and true to type micro-propagated Date Palm plants.  

“Using our unique system, we produce the highest quality Date Palm plants available on the market and have successfully supplied over 25 countries across the world.”  – D.P.D Ltd 


Future-proofing grow rooms 

The laboratory and grow rooms are purpose built and managed to equivalent of ISO class5 clean room. Fluorescent lighting, with a wide spectrum modified for plant growth; is fitted above each of the growth room shelves of the in-vitro shoots.   

Fluorescent lights are historically a proven technology for use in tissue culture plant production processes. This lighting is however not very efficient and may well become obsolete in the near future. D.P.D. needed to find a future-proof, sustainable alternative for the laboratory, while reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.   


Why did D.P.D. Ltd choose Kroptek? 

D.P.D. selected Kroptek’s LED Tubes for several reasons. First, for their application suitability, which requires lower light intensity than crop production, while providing uniform light over the shelves and a modified full spectrum output. 

Kroptek’s LED Tubes were also able to reduce the overall energy usage and heat load within the growth rooms. This was particularly important to reduce the energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the laboratory. 

Finally, Kroptek lights offered a cost-effective robust solution, thanks to long lifetime fixtures with no glass. Choosing a UK based company like Kroptek also meant that D.P.D. were able to benefit from ongoing support on top of a warranty cover. 


Improvements in plant quality and strength 

After replacing almost all the fluorescent tubes with Kroptek LED Tubes, all of D.P.D’s objectives were achieved. Thanks to the correct spacing, the growers gained a more uniform, higher light intensity over the growth room shelves. All this while using less energy and with a much-reduced cooling demand compared to the fluorescent fixtures.  

“There is a noticeable improvement in plant quality and strength from shoots grown under the LEDs. The support and service from Kroptek has been excellent and we would not hesitate to purchase further lights from Kroptek in future.” – D.P.D Ltd