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Earth Day and What It Means For Kroptek

As an agricultural technology company and in line with Earth Day 2022’s focus on agriculture, our primary mission is to address the question of how the world is going to feed itself in the 21st century. A rapidly growing population, a multitude of environmental challenges, and demands for more and higher quality food have made it profoundly clear that it is imperative we rebuild our food supply chain with sustainability and inclusivity at its heart. 

Today we sit at the intersection of three megatrends:  

The Consumer: as food standards and tastes become globalised and the population grows exponentially with 2 billion more people to feed by 2050.

Technology: agricultural solutions are moving from plant science to real world commercial applications, with LED lighting a key enabler of indoor farming & CEA. 

The Environment: yields are decreasing as a result of over-farming while food is transported and refrigerated over thousands of miles. Local and sustainable farming is a key solution to the current agricultural footprint. 

Our Vision 

We believe an agricultural revolution is fundamental to handling the climate crisis, and technology will be crucial in this.

We picture a food system where cooperation between technology and growers can eliminate food insecurity whilst reconciling farming with the needs of a changing climate.  

But, only if we keep a keen eye on who benefits and who doesn’t. It’s all very well promising that new technologies have the potential to change the way we farm for the better. More importantly, we must guarantee that it is everyone who has access to these technologies, not just a select few.  

History tells us that we cannot assume that new technologies will be spread evenly across society. Technology companies and larger farms are often the leaders in this kind of change. For smaller growers, smart farming options are often expensive and hard to access. That’s why recently we’ve increasingly placed our focus on giving growers the knowledge and technology they need to solve it. Democratising access to agricultural technologies and putting power in the hands of all growers. 

Grow With Us 

Currently, we provide free of charge light planning and horticultural advice to whoever needs it.

Furthermore, more recently we have been applying our expertise in agricultural technology to partnering with businesses to expand the use of smart farming technologies, working with universities to further essential research, developing bespoke CEA solutions, and building a grassroots network of sustainable farms. 

Bringing us closer to a future where every grower can access the right advice and technology regardless of their means. Encouraging growers to transition to technologies will be essential to making farming both sustainable and profitable.  

Get in touch with one of our horticultural experts today and grow with us.