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10 reasons to transition from HPS to LED lighting

At Kroptek, we provide technology for high-quality crops at the lowest possible cost to both our consumers and the environment. Our LED grow lights are energy-efficient solutions that can be customised to fit any growing environment, giving growers the flexibility and quality they lack when using HPS lights. 

Why transition from HPS to LED lighting? 

LED grow lights provide just as much intensity as HPS bulbs, but with many critical improvements.
Switching from HPS to LED gives you the ability to control the light spectrum and generate specific responses from the crops, such as blue hues for sturdy growth and root development, and red for blooms and higher yields 


Top 10 reasons to move on from HPS lights

  1. Adapted Light Spectrum: The broad-spectrum LED light recipes are tuned to specific plants’ needs

  2. Increased Uniformity: LEDs’ optics enable a more even light distribution over the plant canopy

  3. Improved Organoleptic and Nutrient Content: LEDs induce bioactive compound synthesis and enhance antioxidant properties

  4. Higher Yields: LEDs can help reduce the seed to harvest times for increased yearly production cycles

  5. Plant Disease Control: LEDs with UV have been known to inhibit detrimental bacteria and fungus

  6. Less Heat: LEDs produce minimal radiant heat hence limiting water evaporation and the need for cooling

  7. Significant Energy Savings: LEDs use on average 50% less energy than HPS for an equivalent light output

  8. Better Environmental Impact: LEDs contain no toxic elements avoiding the cost/time required for compliant disposal

  9. Longer Lifespan: LEDs don’t lose intensity over time and remain just as bright for at least 50,000 hours

  10. Lower Maintenance: No need for bulb or accessories replacement


Thinking about transitioning? Our team is always ready to help you make the most of your growing environment. Talk to our light planning experts to find the best LED light solution for you.