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GreenTech 2021: the next big horticultural trends

The Kroptek team is just back from one of the first major live events since the COVID crisis started, and we loved it! GreenTech Amsterdam was an opportunity for us to reconnect with some existing clients and partners. But also spend time with new clients to understand their needs and discuss how our LED light solutions can help them in their ongoing projects. It also gave us a chance to see how the industry is evolving and spot the next big horticultural trends. Here are some of our takeaways. 

Now more than ever, traditional farming is facing a mountain of challenges. With a consistently growing global population, feeding the world – and especially feeding it well – is on everyone’s mind. This is pushing the industry to build bigger greenhouses and look at innovative ways to produce more cost-efficiently. Interest in vertical farming in urban and residential areas is also gaining new ground.

Cost-Efficient & Bigger Greenhouses

The demand for locally grown, healthy and delicious fresh food is increasing. CEA technology is making it easier for growers to consistently supply their markets. From better, cost-efficient lighting systems to sensors for plant observation and robotic plant harvesting, solutions are available for growth optimisation. 

The Growth of Vertical Farming 

Where space is more restricted, growers are often turning to vertical farming. Vertical farms can eliminate food miles and have a big impact on reducing consumers’ carbon footprint in urban areas. An easy way to grow large quantities in cities is by repurposing existing unused space such as parking spaces or deserted buildings. Kroptek is supporting vertical farmers with the technology and know-how to run their operations successfully. 

White Light: A Proven Advantage

When LED lights started replacing traditional HPS and fluorescent lights, the horticulture industry initially turned to purple LED lights, made from a mix of red and blue. At Greentech this year we saw an increase in the number of growers who are now exclusively interested in white light, which Kroptek has been offering for years. Using a white light brings a wide range of benefits such as better root development and low transplant shock. White lights LEDs also make it easier to spot discoloration, diseases and any other issues crops could have while being better for the eye health of workers inside greenhouses.  

Data to manage it all

Data has become easier to collect thanks to the new technologies developed in Universities and Research Centres but remain somewhat out of reach for many growers. 

Growers are facing increased pressure to break down the factors and inputs. They need to test to optimize their project setup. To support their initiatives, Kroptek always encourages growers to trial our LED light solutions on their premises before committing. Find out more about our services.

Hope to see you next year for another successful GreenTech event!