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GreenTech: Reflections on 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022 

With this year’s GreenTech in Amsterdam under a week away, we look back on our experience last year and look forward to the exciting prospects this year will hold.  

GreenTech 2021: The Recap 

As one of the first major events since the Covid crisis started, GreenTech 2021 was the perfect opportunity to revitalise the business of CEA. We reconnected with existing clients and partners and also spend time with new ones, discussing their needs and how our services could enhance their ongoing projects. 

It also gave us the chance to see how the industry is evolving and spot the next big horticultural trends. We identified four key trends that made a big impact at Greentech 2021 which you can read about in more detail here. 

Alongside these major trends, we also had the pleasure of catching up with Henry Gordon Smith, Founder & CEO of Agritecture, who featured us in his recap of GreenTech 2021. 

 “Beyond high-quality LEDs, Kroptek has been focused on data and diversification lately. They have partnered with some of their customers to develop farms which gives them a significant edge over their competitors to understand the ins and outs of CEA. Keep an eye on this growing team. “- Henry Gordon Smith, Founder & CEO of Agritecture. 

GreenTech 2022: Looking Forward 

Since last year’s GreenTech, it’s been a busy time for Kroptek so this year we are excited to showcase our progress, whilst also consolidating the major themes of last year’s event.  

Recently, one of our biggest developments has been the rapid expansion of our own urban farming network. Launched just under a year ago we are already up and running in a number of countries with another project soon to be announced.  

From the largest indoor farm in Atlantic Canada with Sunden Farms to our Parisian mushroom farm La Boite a Champignons, this year we are excited to promote our vision of a grassroots network of sustainable farms providing food locally and affordably and speak to interested partners. 

We’re also keen to showcase some of our latest developments in LED lighting; from some recent projects that have put into action our expertise in horticultural lighting to the development of a new fixture specifically for Living Walls.  

What to look out for this year 

This year we also anticipate a number of other key talking points. 

Firstly, and following from last year we anticipate there to be a strong focus on the scalability of CEA specifically larger and more efficient indoor farming; the importance of different light spectra relative to different crops and growth stages; and the importance of data, AI, and robotics in determining the future of smart farming systems. 

Secondly and in line with the focus of this year’s Earth Day on innovative agriculture, we anticipate there to be a big emphasis on the sustainable credentials of CEA and how horticulture can impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Thirdly, and as always with GreenTech, we expect the unexpected! GreenTech is the perfect opportunity to discover the latest and greatest developments in the horticultural industry. We are looking forward to hearing about new and exciting advances and meeting some old and new faces. 


So, if you’re at GreenTech this year, come and visit us! 


We’ll be in Hall 5, Stand 213.