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Growing strawberries in a controlled environment

Over the last decade, the global strawberry production has grown by over 5% every year. Consumers increased their demand as they switched to healthier diets.
Consequently, it is more important than ever to develop local and sustainable production. Whilst extending harvest months has become common practice, it can negatively impact quality and taste.  

Another option is not yet broadly used: growing strawberries in a controlled environment. This solution allows the grower to control many aspects of their strawberry production, from lighting to climate and pest control. 

Controlled environments are currently mainly producing leafy greens. Only a few grow strawberries, because of the high level of precision and control necessary to deliver the best quality and quantity of strawberries. However, choosing this solution with the right cultivation technology can be highly beneficial both sustainably and commercially. 


10 reasons why you should be growing strawberries in a controlled environment

Extended Seasonality – Berry harvesting can be extended by approximately 3 more months. 

Space Gain – Our LED Tube lights are adapted to layered racks, allowing a significant space gain compared to a single layer configuration. 

Reduced Harvest Time – Expected average harvest times between 4 and 8 weeks (depending on cultivars). 

Tastier Fruits – Exposure to LEDs promotes higher photosynthate translocation to the fruit, for more sweetness and flavour. 

Consistent Light Hours – Strawberries have an average optimal DLI-range between 20-25 mol/m2/d. LED lighting can provide consistent DLI all year. 

Pest Management – Glasshouse growing allows, to a certain extent, the limitation of pests and the containment of biological controls. 

Better Climate Control – A cool LED lighting system allows for easier temperature management than traditional HPS lights. 

Higher Yields – Glasshouse growing with supplemental LED lighting contributes to higher marketable yields. 

Harvesting Comfort – Table-top & racks installation facilitates crop management and fruit picking. 

Energy Savings – Our light systems use 40% less power than an average HPS lighting system for the same light on foliage. 


Don’t be in a jam, choose the best for your strawberries! Contact our horticulture experts today to get your customised light planning.