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Bienvenue en France | Kroptek SAS

In pursuit of our mission to provide quality sustainable crops at the lowest possible cost to the consumer and the environment, Kroptek has expanded its operations into France. Kroptek SAS was established in June 2021 to develop a platform in France and to serve as a base in the EU post Brexit. 

Over the summer, Kroptek integrated a fully sustainable urban farm near Paris growing the highest quality oyster mushrooms from green waste. This operation will serve as a Research & Development centre for various indoor cultures and LED horticulture lighting, in addition to being developed into a sustainable commercial operation over time. 

Alban Maitrot joined Kroptek as Directeur Général of the fully owned French subsidiary. Kroptek is also delighted to work with UpCycle SAS as Research & Development partner and their outstanding team led by Gregoire Bleu and Arnaud Ulrich. 

Thanks to Kroptek’s board of directors for their support in setting an accelerated growth strategy for the company: Harry WyndhamJim CowlesMadelein SmitSalim HalabiWissam Farah.