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Kroptek welcomes Upcycle SAS as a shareholder

Kroptek welcomes Upcycle SAS as a new shareholder. We look forward to our partnership in the next few years as we continue to grow as a strong global actor in the ongoing farming revolution. 

Tackling waste recycling globally  

Today, it is estimated that 40% of all food produced goes to waste. This contributes to an incredible cost to our environment: an estimated 8-10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and 66 trillion gallons of water are associated with food waste.  

The food waste generated by individuals, supermarkets, and restaurants typically ends up in incinerators. This reduces the efficiency of this process since food is rich in water and therefore requires more fuel before burning. Turning food and its packaging into compost is a key solution to this problem.  

Founded in 2011, Upcycle is an exciting Paris-based start-up that designs and produces commercially viable food waste recycling solutions. Upcycle’s belief is in decentralising sorting and composting biowaste and has spent the last decade refining its processes. Upcycle collects and processes food waste, producing high-quality compost used to grow nutritious fresh crops.  

Gregoire Bleu, Co-Founder of Upcycle said: “We are delighted to team up with Kroptek and leverage their international reach. Together we look to create a more sustainable food chain across the full cycle. 

A partnership that fits Kroptek’s growing ambitions 

Kroptek  is a UK-based Agritech solutions company, with a leading in-house CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) and R&D team, serving over 120 clients in 20 countries. 

Kroptek is on a mission to enable the new agricultural revolution by empowering growers to locally grow high-quality crops at consistent volumes anywhere in the world, any time of the year, at the lowest possible cost to the consumer and the environment. This latest partnership is the first of Kroptek’s commitment to turning food waste into an opportunity for profitable ventures.

Kroptek and Upcycle also signed a partnership to implement several infrastructure projects under the newly created brand Kropcycle. 

Salim Halabi, CEO of Kroptek said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Upcycle in our mission to build a circular food chain. The team’s experience in biowaste will leverage our efforts as we develop commercially viable farms internationally.”