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Lightfoot’s Farm: a cutting edge and environmentally sustainable family-run indoor growing space

Peter and Grace How purchased Lightfoot’s Farm in 2018, a small dairy farm and campsite, to develop their own microgreen growing operation and serve high-quality, nutritious produce across the New Forest area and from Southampton to Poole. The pair were also keen to make their indoor growing space as cutting edge and environmentally sustainable as possible. They then began their search for the perfect partner to supply them with energy-efficient LED lighting.  


Why did Lightfoot’s Farm choose Kroptek? 

  • Our IP rating for all our products: ensuring the necessary protection from exposure to water and all other organic matter encountered in an indoor growing space. 
  • Our cost-effectiveness: providing the highest quality while also being affordable to small-scale growers. 
  • Uncompromising customer service and advice from our resident horticulturist on best practices. 


Lightfoot’s Farm microgreen LED lights indoor growing

Adaptation and Scalability are key factors of indoor growing spaces

Over time, and with consistently high quality and quantity yields, Lightfoot’s Farm found that Kroptek LED tube lights were adaptable to a constantly evolving growing space. 

The LED tubes are highly flexible. They come in different lengths, and daisy-chain together meaning that they can be set up for just about any size rack or growing area, and easily changed.” – Peter How, Lightfoot’s Farm 

Scalability is important for any operation that intends to expand. Our LED solutions can be utilized in all manner of growing situations, offering small- and large-scale growers a flexible solution. 


Lightfoot’s Farm microgreen pots indoor growing

Exceptional After Sales Support 

The team at Lightfoots Farm was also incredibly pleased with the after-sales support. Our in-house horticultural experts are always on hand to ensure that the lights are used to their maximum potential. 

Kroptek have then provided us with after-sales support through their agronomist that is really exceptional. Advice that would usually come at substantial cost has been offered freely because of Kroptek’s authentic interest in the development of these leading-edge agricultural systems.” – Peter How, Lightfoot’s Farm 

One step closer to our goal 

The relationship we have since established with Lightfoot farms has pushed us one step closer to fulfilling our company goal: enabling the cost-efficient farming of organic-grade crops anywhere in the world, any time of the year, whilst having a positive impact on the environment and reducing freshwater consumption, energy needs and carbon footprints. Find out more about our mission. 

Kroptek understands that the success of these businesses is environmentally important, as well as wrapped up with their own success. More than that, they are passionate growers – wanting to share from their expertise.” – Peter How, Lightfoot’s Farm