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The National Plant Phenomics Centre Chooses Kroptek Again

After first installing Kroptek’s Sunblast range in 2019, the National Plant Phenomics Centre (NPPC) installed another set of Kroptek’s lights this year. As our most high-powered broad-spectrum LED solution, Kroptek’s lights have become the go-to for some of the NPPC’s research.

From assessing various wheat strains against drought conditions to developing low-carbon indoor crop production systems embracing the principles of the circular economy, the NPPC undertake a range of incisive research.

Find out more about the work the NPPC does and how Kroptek’s lights make it possible below…

In September 2019, the NPPC initiated a tender process to replace the horticultural light equipment in one of their main grow rooms.

An internationally renowned centre, the NPPC works with academic and industrial partners across the world. It provides state-of-the-art greenhouse phenotyping platforms with unique conveyor belt systems, fully automated high-tech image acquisition, and precision watering tools. The NPPC is hosted by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University in Wales. 

We were keen to replace the existing 600W high-pressure sodium lights with LED lights, both for the improvement in growth conditions and from the environmental and cost benefits of lower energy consumption. We had very specific needs, as the lights needed to be 400 volts, had a high IP rating, capable of being used as top-up lighting with broad-spectrum wavelengths to suit with the large diversity of plants we grow in our facility” – Dr Fiona Corke, Smart House Manager 

Customized lights and field trials 

The specific requirements needed by the NPPC led Kroptek to propose bespoke versions of our Sunblast LED lights with customized power supplies and plugs to fit the specific voltage on-site, as well as our most versatile broad-spectrum due to the wide variety of plants studied in the NPPC’s different Research Programs.   

We were very impressed with the level of detail in the lighting plan and the overall performance of the luminaire Kroptek left us to trial for a couple of months” – Jason Brook, Mechatronics Technician  

Following successful on-site trials, the full transition roll-out was completed in January 2020 and the NPPC team appreciated Kroptek’s professionalism in dealing with the unexpected challenges of such an installation.  

The after-service care was fantastic, with prompt and friendly action to rectify the issues” – Jason Brook, Mechatronics Technician 

NPPC horticultural light Kroptek  

Energy efficiency gains thanks to state-of-the-art horticultural light equipment 

The gain in energy efficiency was calculated at 50%. Furthermore, this does not include the costs linked to the annual bulb replacement and maintenance required for HPS fixtures. A task not necessary nearly as often with LEDs. Additionally, the transition to Kroptek lights also drastically reduced the need for intense active cooling from the heat release of HPS lighting. 

Subsequently, the neighbouring IBERS facility kicked off another transition project. This time, as the need was for supplemental lights Kroptek recommended our HiKrop model. This versatile luminaire proposed ensured an optimal 1:1 fixture replacement. The lights-only energy consumption savings reached an impressive 53%.

Interested in changing your horticultural lighting system to reduce your energy consumption? Contact us for a detailed light planning study.