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Partnership to build the biggest indoor farm in Atlantic Canada

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Sunden Farms in New Brunswick, Canada and Area 52, a Canadian Automation and IoT specialist in food production. The partners will enable Sunden Farms’ scale-up operation with custom-made solutions and funding.

Sunden Farms operates a fully indoor hydroponics farm producing a dozen varieties of leafy greens all year round. They supply fresh produce to local restaurants and supermarkets in addition to an online store serving the area. Because over 90% of the fresh food consumed in this Province is imported internationally, it travels several thousand miles for days in refrigerated trucks resulting in a large carbon footprint and lower quality produce. Sunden Farms delivers high-quality and freshly harvested local produce all year round with longer shelf life, in fully recyclable packaging, employing local workforce while retaining 96% of the freshwater used within their growing systems.


A 60,000 sqft grow area by 2024

Sunden Farms HiKrop

Jon Howe has been optimising his processes in a 3,000 sqft operation for several years with the objective of scaling up to a 60,000 sqft grow area by 2024. After trialling several light manufacturers, Jon and his team chose Kroptek LED grow lights two years ago for their scale-up projects. Area 52 will on the other hand work with Jon to develop new automation solutions for the project on the back of their success in the seafood industry.
The three partners, Sunden Farms, Area 52 and Kroptek are collaborating on new product development opportunities to maximise plant quantity and quality.

Sunden Farms has also contracted Kroptek and Area 52 as management consultants to help develop its business geographically and to expand the variety of its produce. They are currently undergoing a large expansion to increase the volume and variety of wholesale and retail products. In the near future, over 12 additional product lines will be available to the Maritime Provinces. Sunden Farms is planning to increase its offerings yearly.


Jon Howe, CEO of Sunden Farms, commented: “I am proud to partner with Kroptek, who are able to supply highly customised LED lighting solutions within a quick timeframe. They bring valuable business experience and share our vision of a cleaner and more sustainable food chain.”

Salim Halabi, CEO of Kroptek, stated: “We are delighted to team up with Sunden Farms and Area 52 to help reduce food miles by providing fresh high-quality produce to the local population. Jon and his team have high ambitions and we are looking forward to helping them broaden their offering and scale up the positive impact they already have on the local community.”