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Wesh Grow: Microgreens from pots to plates in Michelin-starred restaurant

Wesh Grow delivers microgreens to dozens of renowned Michelin-starred restaurants. With farms in Paris and Marseille, the team offers over 100 varieties of microgreens, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers rich in taste, color, and quality.  


What are microgreens? 

Microgreens are baby vegetables, with extraordinary health benefits and taste. They contain up to 40 times more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than their mature counterparts. Find out more on Wesh Grow’s website.


Why did Wesh Grow choose Kroptek? 

Wesh Grow Microgreens for Michelin-starred Restaurants

When looking for LED grow lights, Wesh Grow wanted to reduce their energy consumption while achieving high-quality crops.  

The technology in our LED tube lights results from decades of experience in LED lights engineering and plant biology research. Our spectrum has been tested on over 19 varieties of microgreens, including Marigold, Fennel, Sage, and Red Basil, resulting in better flavor compared to others. Kroptek developed multiple spectrums and created a customised solution to enhance the crop qualities they were after with excellent results.  

Using Kroptek LED 18W Tube lights, we were able to save almost a third of energy consumption. They are also high-quality products, and we appreciate the fact that the tube connectors are standard.” – Glenn Cheynier, General Manager at Wesh Grow 


Field Trials

Wesh Grow Microgreens for Michelin-starred Restaurants

Kroptek is one of the few AgriTech companies that fully own its LED factory, meaning we can customise solutions and build cost-efficient and high-quality products quickly. We encourage growers to trial our solutions to ensure they get the very best out of our products. 

Following a successful trial with Kroptek lights, we placed a first order to equip part of our systems and we will continue to order in the future.” – Glenn Cheynier, General Manager at Wesh Grow 

Our team of experts also provides free horticultural and light planning advisory services to all our customers. Our global client base includes food and ornamental growers, horticulture professionals, as well as research organisations and universities. Find out more about our services.