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Winter is coming: the advantages of supplemental lighting

Using supplemental lighting to increase light intensity in the late fall, winter, and early spring can improve yield and fruit quality, as well as optimise temperature control, CO2 and nutrients.  

Everything starts with your plants and their ideal DLI. Find the right light recipe and your plants will thrive all year round. Adding LED lights to your greenhouses offers the perfect solution.   


Understanding the DLI’s impact on your growing environment 

DLI (or Daily Light Integral) considers the number of photosynthetically active photons that are delivered to a specific area over a 24-hour period. It is a particularly useful variable to describe the light environment of plants. 

DLI affects many plant traits from leaf anatomy, chemical composition and physiology to plant growth and reproduction. More information can be found in these studies by Cornell University and on the NASA Technical Reports Server.

As one can expect, the DLI is reduced from late fall to early spring, with the shortest day of the year on December 21st. This leads to plants getting less than the amount they require for their optimal growth in the winter months. 

Introducing supplemental lighting helps increase the DLI inside greenhouses and recreate a perfect growing space for your crops. Our engineers calculate the necessary DLI for your plants and growing environment to provide a solution that minimises costs. 


5 reasons to invest in Kroptek supplemental lighting 

Reduced waste of energy – Substantially reduces the loss of light and waste of energy. No risk of leaf damage despite a high intensity. Minimal radiant heat not interfering with your climate control system. 

Adapted to all growth stages – Supports plant growth throughout all stages: boosting young plants, rapid growth & flowering when the days are shorter. 

Optimised spectrum options – Natural sunlight mimicking broad-spectrum, designed for perfect assimilation by a variety of crops and plants. Alternative spectrum options enriched in red light are also available. Find out more about our spectrum options.

Simple installation – We offer light planning services to help you find the optimal light configuration (type of luminaires, placement, customisation) for your specific needs. We also contribute to the full installation & adjustments of your new LED lighting system.  

Robust equipment – Repair or replacement of any deficient luminaires within our 5-year warranty period.  


Get winter ready, contact our experts to discuss your lighting needs today.