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Application Areas

Our team of experts will help you plan, implement and optimise a scalable and sustainable growing project whatever your project scope, crop, or application area.

Vertical Farming

The use of LED Grow Lights enabled vertical farming, thanks to their controlled heat dissipation, low energy use and spectrums.

Kroptek developed high quality, high efficiency, low maintenance and low cost LED Tube lights that are perfect for your vertical farming environment.

Kroptek has already equipped vertical farms in 7 countries. Kroptek is able to customise the solution to suit the dimensions and setup used, including bespoke control systems.

Kroptek can advise on the best spectrum to use for your crop.

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Kroptek developed light fixtures specifically suited for greenhouses by minimising shading and weight while delivering a powerful lighting solution.

Our engineers will calculate the DLI (daily amount of light) from your existing glasshouse and provide a solution that minimises costs.

Our lights have been proven to deliver a better performance than traditional HPS lights.

Our lights are being used by growers to gain a competitive advantage by accomplishing shorter harvesting periods and predictable, higher yields while saving on energy costs.

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Indoor Farming

Discover our flexible, modular and scalable LED lighting solutions according to your crop needs and growing space.

Increase yield and achieve higher-quality crops all year round while being pesticide free and saving up to 90% of water compared to field growing.

Easy installation and low maintenance with light planning provided by our expert team.

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Medical Plants

Kroptek’s lights have been proven to deliver outstanding results to Cannabis growers.

Kroptek has deep experience in this field through its network of growers and researchers.

Kroptek provided growers with customised solutions in the visible spectrum as well as UV-A / UV-B to deliver higher concentrations of specific chemotypes.

Kroptek’s lights have been used to grow Cannabis fully indoors, in glasshouses, or in shipping containers.

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Kroptek has a strong track record with research centres and universities.

Researchers and academic partners turn to Kroptek for their lighting needs because they need consistent results from a proven technology.

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Kroptek owns and operates La Boite A Champignons, a highly successful sustainable mushroom farming operation.

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