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Introducing the new Sunstream Mk2

Introducing the new Sunstream Mk2, the most customisable toplight on the market

We are delighted to introduce the second generation of our popular Sunstream toplight. The Sunstream Mk2 was completely redesigned to put grower feedback at the heart of the fixture. Our product development team worked hard to create the most customisable top-light in the market, providing growers with a performance that exceeds their expectations.

The next iteration of our flagship Sunstream lighting series, the Mk2 seamlessly marries advanced technology and thoughtful design to cater to your precise farming needs.

So, what can you expect from the Sunstream Mk2?

The Sunstream Mk2 offers an increased array of sizes and improved driver flexibility. Whereas the previous generation came in only 1 size, the second generation can be built in 4 sizes: 360cm, 700cm, 1m and 1.4m.

The second generation’s power driver is now external, allowing for a greater flexibility with power options ranging from 200W to 820W. External drivers also allow for easier connections while maintaining IP65+ ratings. It can also be adapted to any digital or analogue control system and can have switchable channels.

The Sunstream Mk2 has been developed and is assembled in our ISO-9001 and ISO-140001 certified Kroptek-owned factory. This ensures that high quality standards are followed in production and materials used.

Kroptek’s product development team also focused on standardising parts and reducing the reliance on parts produced by third parties, resulting in a modular build and more cost-effective bill of materials, thus reducing the overall cost to the customer.

Furthermore, the Sunstream Mk2 can be built with any spectrum, including all of Kroptek’s specialised spectra with UV and Far Red which have been developed through our research and feedback from growers.

Kroptek has further refined its expertise with an innovative heatsink design, guaranteeing superior heat distribution. This carefully engineered enhancement not only assures the longevity of the unit but also optimises energy utilisation, paving the way for a harmonious blend of performance and efficiency.

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In essence, the Sunstream Mk2 is more than an upgrade; it’s a forward leap into the future of sustainable and efficient vertical farming.

Contact our team today and let the Sunstream Mk2 illuminate your path towards agricultural excellence: