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Our New Living Wall Light Fixture

From fancy office foyers to thriving community projects, living walls – a vertical garden of plants – have recently multiplied across both commercial and residential sites.  

And it’s no wonder why, spaces filled with visible and robust communities of plants don’t just add life to grey slabbed urban areas, they also purify the air, regulate urban temperatures and promote biodiversity. 

But as much as they have become popular, they have also been met with significant teething problems, especially those in commercial areas without a team of gardeners and horticultural lighting experts to keep them going. Without a lighting fixture designed specifically for living walls, after a few seasons, many end up a far cry from the verdant palisades they were intended to be.  

That’s where Kroptek comes in. After working on a number of high-profile living wall projects, we recognised that existing LED lighting features were falling short when it came to delivering the lush living walls promised.  

After gathering feedback from a number of clients, we designed and manufactured a lighting solution tailor-made for living wall projects. 

Our New Lighting Solution

Based on our existing Sunstream range with its ideal shape, long, thin, orientable, and ability to withstand the necessary power to light output to help plants thrive we designed and added features to create the highest industry standard fixture for living walls.

  • The new fixtures now come in black to fit sleekly into offices, receptions, and main entrances but, most importantly, to blend in and draw attention to the green wall itself.

  • We added barn doors to control the angle of the light, allowing you to install the light close to windows, walking routes, or well-used areas without being dazzled by the powerful diodes as you walk past.

  • We also reduced the power output and made them dimmable so the light can be fitted closer to the living wall without burning the plants, encouraging optimal growth and colour, and saving on energy bills. 

Whatever your space, Kroptek’s new living wall light can make your living wall come to life, and keep it looking that way all year round.  

Going Beyond Lighting

On any project, it’s Kroptek’s mission to make sure you get the most out of your light and your plants. We have now developed considerable expertise in Living Walls and can go beyond just offering a lighting solution. 

After all, whilst the light is essential, at the end of the day it’s the plants that people will notice.  

In addition to offering an LED lighting fixture designed specifically for living walls, we also provide start-to-finish advice on creating them. From what combination of short day, long day, and understory plants to use, to irrigation methods and DLI levels, we can take the guesswork out of your living wall project 

Multiple partners have already chosen Kroptek to make their living walls come to life, so get in touch with our team of horticultural and lighting specialists today.