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La Boite A Champignons: growing high quality award winning mushrooms in Paris

In pursuit of our mission to provide quality sustainable crops at the lowest possible cost to the consumer and the environment, Kroptek expanded its operations into France in June 2021. 

La Boite A Champignons is a fully operating mushroom farm in Paris with sustainability as its primary focus. 

Recycling coffee grounds to grow award winning mushrooms is really about transforming locally available waste into a food resource. A natural and responsible food chain in which everyone can take part!” – Alban Maitrot, Director 


A fully sustainable process: from ground coffee to mushrooms. 

The team first collects discarded ground coffee from multiple partners and clients in the Paris region. They then sort the collected coffee grounds and mix it with specific quantity of other natural ingredients. This transforms the ground coffee into a substrate used to grow outstanding mushrooms without the use of any chemicals.  

We started working on an ideal way to repurpose ground coffee in 2012. Since then, we’ve been able to find the perfect mix of natural products to grow outstanding mushrooms. We especially want to make sure that our process is fully sustainable and that every ingredient is used smartly and in the respect of the natural resources we’ve been given.” – Laurent Godenne, Technical Director

The mushrooms then go through an initial hibernation period followed by a fructification period. Once ready, they are distributed to our local network of partners and clients. This includes top restaurants across the French capital, local supermarkets such as Carrefour, corporate offices, and private clients. 

After serving its purpose, the substrate becomes a natural fertiliser. To close the loop on a fully circular operation, we sell this “mushroom compost” to local growers. 


We don’t just grow mushrooms. We grow award winning mushrooms. 

Our mushrooms are already credited for their flavour and texture. Our oyster and shiitake mushrooms are full of flavour thanks to our special substrate recipes and know-how. La Boite a Champignons’ production facilities are located just outside of Paris, therefore our locally grown mushrooms have to travel only a few kilometres before arriving on our client’s plates or shelves. 

Our mushrooms also have a lower water content compared to supermarket brands. This means they retain their texture when cooked and you can enjoy a higher quality and more intense product. 

We’re not just the only ones saying it! Every day, we harvest our mushrooms by hand for an exceptional taste. Our mushrooms are praised by several Michelin Star Chefs, including Simone Zanoni from the George V. 

Find out more about our sustainable farming initiatives within the Kroptek Network or get in touch with us today.