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Kroptek’s New Fully Customised Racking System With ROI At Its Core

We developed our new fully integrated and customised racking system alongside our network of commercial growers. We started off with a request from a grower to integrate lights into a frame, but quickly realised that growing systems needed to be intelligently re-designed in order for growers to seamlessly meet their commercial goals.

At Kroptek we are focussed on facilitating the growth of high-quality crops sustainably and profitably all year round, at the lowest possible cost to consumers and the environment. We understand that growers need solutions which prioritise customisability and a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Our new Kroptek Vertical Racking System, developed with grower needs at its core, includes integrated lighting, irrigation control and intelligent design. Our systems are fully customised and built in our ISO-9001- and ISO-14002 Kroptek-owned factories. 

What does the Kroptek Racking System offer?

Comprehensive Vertical Farming

The Racking System features specially designed Kroptek luminaires and a deep-water culture hydroponic system, all housed within a custom-built vertical frame-rack. This system is designed to provide high yields, conserve water, and improve energy efficiency. It’s versatile too, capable of growing a range of crops, from leafy greens to herbs.

Advanced Light Control

The Racking System can support any light solution including 4-channel lights or single channel broadspectrum lights.

Our popular intelligent multi-colour light solution can be controlled using an app or laptop to adjust the light’s on/off state, colour, intensity, and spectrum to match the plant’s growth cycle.

Custom Sizing to fit Your Space

Each Racking System can be fully customised to maximise grow space no matter the shape or dimensions of the grow room.

You can speak to a member of our team to find the best configuration for your growing needs.

Efficient Hydroponics

The integrated hydroponic system within the rack is designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The design makes controlling nutrient solutions easy and our complete set of mist system solutions enables energy saving.

Additionally, the System includes customised irrigation with foam growing trays and integrated water flow pipes.


The Racking System is built to last with an all-aluminium frame structure that prevents rust. The aluminium frames are strengthened with joints, brackets, and T-slotted bolts. It comes with a variety of tray options, including shallow and deep-water trays or planting troughs.


Kroptek’s Racking System allows for sustainable growing keeping pests at bay, minimising pesticide use, and allowing for efficient water usage. We always work towards sustainable farming practices, and our new Racking System has been created with this in mind. We use RoHS-free raw materials, ensuring that the produce grown is of the highest quality.

To learn more about the Kroptek Racking System, a customisable solution for sustainable, efficient, and profitable CEA, get in touch with a member of our team: