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Mushroom Compost: The new sustainable solution from La Boîte à Champignons

Mushroom Compost: The new sustainable solution from La Boîte à Champignons

La Boîte à Champignons, a trailblazer in the urban agriculture industry and a valued associate of the Kroptek Network, has launched its newest innovation – Mushroom Compost. The product epitomizes the ethos of La Boîte à Champignons (LBAC): sustainability, circular economy, and novel use of resources.

This newly commercialised product, deriving from LBAC’s production waste, transforms used mushroom growing substrate into a powerful soil activator for urban gardens. The process starts with collecting discarded coffee grounds from partner corporations through LBAC’s membership program. These are then mixed with organic materials with the resulting mixture used to grow gourmet mushrooms which are then sold at to supermarkets and hospitality venues such as Carrefour and the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris. Whereas the  consumed biodegradable substrate was previously reintroduced into the soil to improve its quality, the team at LBAC has been working to meet even more ambitious environmental goals. Their new process involves re-energising and repurposing the biodegradable substrate as a potent soil enhancer, thus closing the loop on their sustainable production cycle. The product of this process can be added to growing plants and used as a chemical-free and natural fertiliser.

In a conversation with Nicolas Faivre and Alban Maitrot from La Boîte à Champignons about this new Mushroom Compost formula they shared that it’s more than just an organic amendment. The Mushroom Compost reinvigorates soil by enhancing its structure, boosting soil life, and ensuring optimal water retention. The secret lies in its 57% organic matter content, harvested from their mushroom cultivation process.

The positive effects of the Mushroom Compost on vegetable crop yield have been demonstrated through extensive research and experiments. In one such study conducted in Italy, a plot of land saw its zucchini production increase threefold after the introduction of the Mushroom Compost. This level of performance makes it a potential game-changer for urban agriculture.

This new product is a testament to LBACs’ consistent pursuit of innovation within a sustainable framework. As part of the Kroptek Network, we are enthusiastic about supporting such transformative projects that are geared towards the future of agricultural technology. Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and advancements from our dynamic network of innovators!

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